Re Flickr

I think Flickr is very cool. Certainly, librarians should know all about it, and be able to permote its use- fun and, once you get the hang of it, (lots of steps to remember at first) not that hard.   I enjoyed posting a picture that I liked!  I think now I should find one relating to cats.


I love online CultureGrams- famous people , slide shows for individual countries (good ones), current leaders, recipes- everything I could think of to search. Only exception would be maps- which don’t seem to be detailed.  Great , long list of countries.  The search boxes work well.  It’s easy to use.  Online version is certainly preferable to print.  JBN

Adventure 7-Wikis

Sing a song of Wiki

A pocket full of woe.

It seemed that all the wiki pages loaded up too slow!

Just when we’d despaired of finishing on time,

Along came Lisa and everything was fine!


I visited library wikis in Ireland, Skokie, Evanston, and Melbourne (Australia).  Books kids were reading looked the same, and in Ireland someone was reading “The Book Thief,” which I enjoyed.  Evanston has a video with a bunch of kids having a great time.  Wikis build a sense of community and I use Wikipedia all the time because its articles are usually easy to understand.

Google and I’m finished

I had fun with Google Maps and got better at using it. Nice to have the tips included in the lesson.  I found my daughter’s house in California easily and saw the cars parked in the driveway.  I used the image version of Google News.  I also explored Google Image; I had forgotten you could do so much. I went to Google Search Tricks and looked for faces and used the tilde.  I went to the Google language resources and looked up “stuff” in French!

The Great 8 Project was very, very worthwhile and I learned a lot.  It was exciting to have lots of Staff from  all over the Library working on the same things.


My IM experience went very well.  IM was easy to use, even for a Noob.  I got great information and  I was surprised at how fast the responses arrived.  It felt personal.   I would certainly recommend it to patrons.  I think IM is best suited for times when you are very clear about what your question is.  Another method of communication would be better if you want an opinion about something, or if  you need to see a person F2F.  Or if you really have several questions.

Enjoyed the databases

Spent a most enjoyable time learning more about these databases: NYT Historical (immigrant events and issues), Chicago Tribune Historical (marriage advice for 1940 and myths about snakes for parents of young children),  Ancestry/Library ( had especial fun with the census records) and Checkbook- a good resource to remember!

Now My Blog Is Cool

Dear Lisa,

If you read this, you have made our day.  Now Kathleen and I are cool and have videos on our blogs!

It’s difficult to keep so many screens open- especially if you are trying to remember the instructions fro a previous screen.  Happily, Lisa was here, and she could prompt me to the next move